Saturday, November 7, 2009

YES! I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

Yes I finally found the name of the main character in my new book even though I'm in the middle of two other books! LOL

Well her name is...

Erulassë (Air-oo-lis-ah)

She is an elf with straight black hair. She usually is wearing a green skirt with a copper top. Her weapons are the sword and bow. She can calm any animal with her mind and enjoys laying in the grass of a meadow in Camlonron the elf city. She is never seen without her bow. She is best friends with...

Alassëa (Al-is-say)

A. is an elf with silvery star light colored hair (Basically blond!) She likes wearing an orange skirt with a gold top. She loves swimming on a lake near the outskirts of Camlonron. She laughs every chance she gets and you never see her without her scroll about fish. Her weapons are the double sided staff and the knife.

Their other friends names are...

two brothers.

Sorry I don't know much about them but I better start writing my story so I can put it up next week or sooner! LOL

In Christ,

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