Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Bikes, Walls, and TREES!

I had Hannah over last night and we had a photo shoot in the back yard!
We each took turns riding down our "hill" (more like a gradual decline!) on my five year old niece Kenzie's bike.
It was SO funny!

"You better move! I'm coming to get you!"


PEACE again! LOL
Funny times!

My favorite!
Hannah said I look like a teenager, which I am!

I'm not sure how Hannah got this one but I just jumped and she snapped the camera!

Hannah in the Magnolia!

Me up in one of our many pine trees!

We got up on the wall and Hannah had a time getting up there! We had to use Kenzie's bike!
Then Hannah posed for me.

This one was posed but it doesn't look like it!

Hannah acting kooky!
I'm hanging from our tree next to the wall!
Don't fall!

I was trying to get Hannah to stop taking pictures but I don't think it worked!

I'm walking down the "runway!"
My bangs kept getting in the way!

Hello, I'm here!


Then here comes our tree hugging picture.
This tree needs like three of me to go around it, maybe even four!

True Treehuggers!

Hannah flipped over and she looks kinda like a guy! LOL

After I was finished hanging upside down I flipped over and it looks like I'm trying to kick my camera!

Here's my blurry picture of me on the bench by our humungo tree.



Taylor said...

That's awesome! How tall are you? And how old is Hannah?

Taylor said...

Oh, I loved the pictures!! I've always loved to climb trees, too! lol :)


My dreams are here said...

Why did u put the one of me getting on the wall thats funny

Anonymous said...

Looks like you girls had fun!