Monday, March 5, 2012

motown madness

 This weekend I went to an event called Motown Madness.  It had to be one of the most amazing things in the entire world.  Seven hundred youth all gathered in one place worshiping God.  It was beautiful.  Everywhere I looked there were students with their hands raised high in praise and surrender and I was there doing the same thing. 
 some of my classmates came with me and they made my weekend even better.
 we spent some time at Panther Creek Park.

i met some amazing girls who inspired and challenged me all weekend and whom i hope i will become very close to.  we took so many funny pictures with each other, just recording the memories.

i was reminded that i need to let go of this world and "jump out of the boat and into the deep water," as Chad, the speaker said.  I learned that my faith doesn't just stop at believing but that Christ called us specifically to follow. 
 i learned how important love truly is.
and while i was at it i got to rock out with an amazing band.
from left to right: Crystal, Heather, Kaylee, Kyle, Parke, Chuck, Me, Randell, Chelsey, Hope, Kelsie, Mo, and Chelsey.