Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inkheart Photos+Gimp+Picnes=Awesome!

Sledding Fun!

Saturday morning we woke up to a whole FIVE INCHES OF SNOW!
We haven't had anything like that since we moved off the mountain!


Of course dad had to get out his lawnmower/snow-plow!


He even had chains on the lawnmower's tires!


This is what they were doing the roads with.


Fun in the snowy front yard!
We even went sledding at a park behind our house!


Then to the Big hill!
Some friends invited us to go sledding on The Big Hill as we now call it! How creative!
Woo Hoo!  Let's go!


Nate going on the tube which is now quite deflated.


Ross on one of our EIGHT sleds.  Everyone else had one per family, and we had eight!

Down the hill,

and up.

Back at the bottom.


And back to the top! LOL


Even Kenzie was enjoying sledding.


Ross and I going down the biggest of the hills.


Then I tried my hand, or should I say feet, at snowboarding.
Yes I got it!


Scratch that.


Another fall.

So I tried my version, a much simpler one if you ask me! LOL

Then Ross tried,


and fell.

And tried again!


Your going! Yes! Keep Going Ross!


and splat. Oh well, he got it later unlike me.

Even my sister Kelly went down.


There she goes.


Nate tried snowboarding and after a few falls made it all the way to the bottom!


Ah here we see a parent trying to do something that wasn't to be and falling.

Ach my hat looks ridiculous! LOL


Another pic of my falling off hat, don't ask my what I was doing to make that face!


That was the best sledding I've had since we "left the mountain" six years ago this month.
Hopefully they call off school. *crossing fingers*
Hope you enjoyed seeing us having fun, making fools of ourselves, and just plain having fun!
Wait, did I already say that?

Friday, January 29, 2010


for some odd reason I've been drawing eyes all over.
I don't even know why but alas I am! LOL





This has nothing to do with eyes but I thought it was cool so here it is.


Fix It Friday Photo Challange!

This is my first Fix-It Friday and I am having fun adding my own style to this photo!
Here is the original Photo...


And here is mine!
I did some changing in Picnic and then to Gimp!
In Picnic I Boosted the image and then I added a slight HDR-ish effect.
In Gimp I just added the swirlies!
Hope you like it!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If You Are Or Already Have Enterd In The Giveaway Please Read This...

Yes a long title I know but I needed to catch your attention. Once you have entered my 100th Post Giveaway would you PLEASE put the lovely picture below on your sidebar with a link back to the 100th Post Giveaway post.

Friday, January 22, 2010



1. Do you like chocolate? Yes!  who doesn't?

2. Can you climb trees?  It depends on the tree...

3. What continent would you like to visit? hmmmm....that's hard....Europe?

4. What Chinese year where you born in? Idk

5. Are you a terrible artist? Not awesome and not terrible....depends on what I'm drawing.

6. List three movies you can't stand watching: I could go on & on but to name a few: This is too hard. um.... I really can't think of one right now....I'll think of one later though!

7. Do you like to get up early or sleep in late? Sleep in! :) ;)

8. What are some of your favorite books? Do you want to be here all day?

9. Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? Yes....

10. List three of your favorite Star Wars Characters: I don't know *shrug*...

11. Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music?Listen!

12. Are you big on sports? not really....but I raelly like watching my school's Bball team play even though we aren't that great but who cares? GO WARRIORS!

13. Do you read a lot? YES!

14. Do you like fantasy? YES! Fantasy Rocks! Who couldn't?

15. Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? No.

16. Do you sing a lot? depends on where I am.... I sing at school but not much, at home some, in the shower: a lot! :) ;)

I tag anyone who is following me!



Wordle Cool!

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Wordle: MY FAVS