Thursday, June 30, 2011

trying something new

While I was in Pennsylvania, I tried my hand at some wedding photography.  My cousin, Joey, was getting married to a very nice lady named Dana.  It was a very nice wedding.  I was pretty proud of my first attempt at wedding photography!

It was a beach-themed wedding.  I loved the bridesmaid dresses.

I think Dana's dress was the prettiest I've ever seen.

The cake was beautiful as well.

cake and kisses

At the reception this cute old lady decided that she was going to teach my mom some of the dances.  Oh, it was so funny.  She was the cutest old lady!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pennsylvania video

Like---me?!  haha!
I got back to my house last night after being away for a week and a half.  First, I went to a camp for five days, which I'll post about later, and then I left straight from there to go to Pennsylvania.  I went for a family wedding, which isn't in this post but will be in the next also.  Then we went to Kennywood!  That was SO much fun!  The next day we went sightseeing in Pittsburgh and then we left for my Uncle Mike's house.  Had a ton of fun and made a video to show you!

Came upon this guy cooking in front of a store in Pittsburgh. 

Went to Mt. Washington, where my mom and her siblings used to live.

Found this sign in Pittsburgh!  Isn't it great?

I've never seen people so into their team as the people in Pittsburgh.  I thought the people in Tennessee were into THEIR team!  

A cool sign!

My next post will tell even more about my great time!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the barbed wire pool and too many braids

My Summer
diving boards and swim suits

create an avatar

interesting dives and cute kids

 jumping up and down

 VBS and sticky tape

a lot of crazy third graders

staring contests

little kids and juice boxes

 two and a half hours worth of braids (27 to be exact)

barbed wire protected pools and interesting faces

very talkative little boys

jumping pictures


Went to the mall yesterday and bought a ton of stuff that I'll show you all later.  Going camping tomorrow and I'll be gone until Wednesday.  I'm going to try to capture the fireflies mating in the Smokey's with my camera...I hope it works!  Fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i heart faces-from a distance

Well, I've been absent from the i heart faces challenges for weeks now and I believe that it is time for my reappearance.  That's just my opinion at least.
When I saw that the challenge was from a distance I was a little bit stumped until I happened upon my folder of pictures I took while babysitting a couple weeks ago, as some of you may know.
I just thought that this was the perfect picture for this challenge.  It was definitely one of my favorite pictures of the week. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bohemian dream

I got this shirt yesterday at Ross.  I love it!  It looks kind of bohemian if you ask me.  Olivia at Horsefeathers is to blame for my new found interest in all things bohemian, hippie, or gypsy looking.  I'm sure it's the same for others as well!

I had fun with an old walking stick by attaching feathers to it with some string....looks pretty cool.

I also experimented with braiding today.  I learned how to do the fish tail braid!  Yesterday, I did the braid that just goes across your looked very cool.  I'll show you some time.  

I really want some of these!  Twenty-five dollars at Sephora!  I want some so bad!  hehe

Me want!

Love this!
source unknown

Love this hair.  Maybe, just maybe I can figure out how to do it...