Monday, June 25, 2012

simple summer joys

camping; the simple, constant joy of summer.  no summer is complete without at least one camping trip...or three!  camping brings out the simple joys i miss in my everyday life.  the baseball games, the tubing-induced screams, and the silhouettes as the sun slowly sinks below the mountains.

this little boy is growing up so fast.  it seems like it was only yesterday that Jett Alexander came into my life, but in truth it has almost been two years.  that astounds me.  i can't believe the months have slipped by in unison.  a constant blur until one takes time to focus on the time passed.

and this kid; our artist, comedian, swimmer, and now runner.  Nate did a triathlon a couple weeks ago, and even though he finished last (come on, how many ten year olds really do these things?) we were so proud of him.  God has great plans for him.

yes, Jett really likes brushing his teeth.  and he doesn't always do it with his toothbrush either!
and combing hair.  our future barber?
And all that teeth-brushing and hair-combing naturally wore the fella out.  Awwwww....
Noah Dean
some of my church friends came over for the day.
and i let Jillian use my camera so there are actually pictures of me...remarkable!

and my "brother" seth.  this kid cracks me up!
more baseball.  :)
Yeah, we get into it...
and that's my crazy "family."  you gotta love summer.