Sunday, February 12, 2012

life is simply beautiful

i walk around the house, flitting from this room to that, smiling in mirrors and moving with a jump to my step.  layers engulf me, holding warmth to my body.  numerous thoughts fly through my mind but not a word comes from my mouth.  music plays in my head and the world is perfect.
 the sun shines through windows
indoors is warmer
 i think of places i'll go one day and contemplate what i'll see and do when that days comes.
 andy grammer's voice floats out my speakers.
 and lights shine in the shadows.
 yes, life is pretty perfect.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

happiness is...

pretty city lights
 the view from my window
 knowing God loves me
 sunshine in February
 taking strange light pictures
 loving someone
taking time to stop and think
 Tennessee skies
spending time with beautiful friends
 hoping for the best and black and white photography
having a camera in my hand
good memories
 What makes you happy?
I'm sorry if I took someone else's idea of happiness is.  It's not my intention to take your idea so if anyone has a problem with it just let me know.  Thanks!