Tuesday, August 7, 2012

live like that

There are times in everyone's lives when they have to cling to the promise that God will work all things out for good.  This month has been that time in my family's and my life.  Our nightmare started on July fourth when two precious boys were ripped from our lives in a lake accident.  My nephew, Nate and his best friend, Noah joined Jesus and we were left behind to feel the pain.  The boys are in heaven now, Noah is probably pushing the "rain button" and Nate's probably trying to keep Noah out of trouble and drawing portraits of Abraham, Noah, and Peter.
  The last month has been a time of trial and of learning to truly trust God.  And though the boys are no longer with us, I know that we will see them one day because of the hope we have within us of a Savior who rescued us from our sin.
 Noah was the hilarious kid who was always in trouble and was honestly a little "playah."  He made us all laugh with his jokes, songs, and genuine curiousness.  I will never forget him standing up on a table while we were camping and singing, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!?" at the top of his lungs.  That was just the kind of boy he was; loud, spontaneous, and full of life.
 Nate was my buddy.  He was a talented artist and an aspiring runner and swimmer.  He ran a triathlon a few months before and I could never get over how much he loved it.
 Noah always found himself in the midst of trouble.  He just seemed to run into it without meaning too.  I remember one summer's camping trip we all were on "the island" and he stepped on some glass and cut his foot open.  He screamed bloody murder and that he wanted his mommy while I carried him to the boat and screamed for someone to come get us.  I was his "rescuer" that day and I'll never forget it.  
He was the class clown and trouble maker combined, making his absolutely hilarious to be around.  But at the same time no one had a heart like him.  He always wanted to help others.
 Nate was like my little brother.  I teased him, I laughed with him, I played with him, I grew up with him.  It will be so hard to continue growing up without my fellow pirate and Spiderman lover, as well friend, but I trust that God will help me and anyone else who was and is touched by their lives.  They lived such short lives but already Nate and Noah have touched more people than I ever thought possible.  My dad used their stories to touch people in Brazil and people are being touched here in my town too.  They were so young but they loved the Lord so much and He granted them a legacy far above what anyone could imagine.  

Moving forward will be hard and there will never  be a day that I won't think about those two boys but I know that my God is bigger than this tragedy and that He will bring us all out stronger on the other side.  I look forward to having Noah and Nate give me the grand tour of heaven when I meet them there. 

They truly lived in a way that honored Christ and I know that I want to live like they did; to live like that.  Whenever you hear that song, Live Like That, remember these two boys and the legacy they left and be inspired again and again to live a life worthy of Christ's call; to leave a legacy that will touch people with Christ's love.
 We all miss you Nate and Noah!