i'm tessa brooke

Hello, I’m delighted to see you!  My name is Tessa Brooke.  I love the feel of my Canon Rebel in my hand, the smell of old books, people with accents, beautiful words, laughing with friends, cute couples, camping under the stars, and I adore learning new things.
I have a passion for photography and one day I hope to make a job of it.  In my spare time I like to take pictures, write, hang out with my friends, dance, and work in my art journal.  I love almost anything vintage and I never pass up a chance to dress up.  I collect cameras and quotes.  I live my life in East Tennessee but I want to travel all over the world one day.
I have a beautiful family.  I have two brothers and a sister, all of which are older than me.  My sister and her family share a school turned house with my parents and I and her four kids are my favorite kids in the world.
I believe the Jesus died on the Cross to save the world.  I believe He defeated the grave and rose again three days later.  I strive to reflect His love in my life and show His creation through my lens.
This is my story...