Saturday, August 24, 2013

the cabin

It is hard to describe the peace I find here.  It is a sort of release; a second reality.  It doesn't make my first reality any less real, but it puts it in perspective.  Here the focus is different and the attitude calmer.  And the thing is, I know that my words are failing, stumbling just trying to make what is invisible, tangible.  But sometimes the beauty can only be felt, not heard or read.  Some things you can only know if you experience it yourself, no matter how cleverly the author paints it.
July 26, 2013

I spent four days at our cabin on the Creeper Trail; No internet, no cell service, and no distractions.  It was beyond delightful and I was able to write freely, explore continually, and make friends with a little boy named Elijah.  You should expect to see a lot of photographs and writing based on this beautiful place and the people I meet there over the next years.  Have you ever biked the Creeper Trail? If you are going to soon, comment below and maybe we can meet.

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