Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Heart Yellow!

Here's my entry!  I hope it works this time! Last time it enter! LOL

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Fabric Flowers...

I was asked to put up pictures of the flower necklaces we bought a few weeks ago so here they are!
Now I think i will go back to trying to learn German.
At the end of the summer and exchange student from Germany will be staying at our house so I at least want to know a little German! LOL

Sunday, May 16, 2010

At Taste of Summer...

My friend Abby and I jump-started our summer a half-a-week ahead of schedule!
I slept over at her house on Friday.
Well you know I can't resist a photo shoot.

Air Dancing!
Sadly our fun was stopped when Hayleigh Raye got to near the edge.
She landed on a spring, did a handstand on the ground, flipped and landed.

Luckily she was okay (obviously)but that ended the trampoline photo shoots.

The to the pool we went!

I have no idea what Abby's doing. The conga?


Help I'm falling off the kiddy slide!


I'm falling!

I'll save you Abby!

Abby ungraciously pulling me in!

A glowing Abby...

Walking daintily up the kiddy steps.


Oh no I have to touch the water!!!!
Horrors of horrors! LOL

Oh well, guess I got over it! LOL

Coolest picture ever!

Um...you a little bit worried there Abby?

Um...why so many floaties?
What, you mean you aren't afraid of drowning in a six foot deep pool?

"volley ball"

Ah...if only summer would stop dawdling!
I loved spending time with you Abby!

Next weekend (since I'll be done with school) I'll put up the pictures from Williamsburg!