Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Mother Dearest...

Oh Mother Dearest
by Tessa Voccola

Oh my beloved Mother
How should I begin
To list the many things you do
And things you live without
All for my sake
Oh my Mother dearest

Oh how much you pay 
To let me do the things
That give me joy
And many trips
That leave me with the memories
Of time like honey sweet
Oh my Mother dearest

Oh how much time
You set aside
To take me here and there
To shows and trips
for church or school
Always gave up time for me
Oh my Mother dearest

I'll never forget how much you love
and how much you gave up
For me and others
And the Lord Jesus Christ
  And I love you so much
Oh my Mother dearest


Taylor said...

Hey Tessa, here is the direct link to the post where I tagged/awarded you:

I awarded you with the "Stylish Blogger Award" which is featured in the middle of that post. =)

I hope that helps!

~ Taylor <3

Denise said...

You are the dearest, not I! Love you sweetie. You made my day. *big hug and kiss*