Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cornerstone Race!

My school, CA, had a race to raise money for a running track around school today.
There was a 5k (3 mile) run or you could do the 1 mile run.
Now before you go off on me for not trying to run the 3 miles let me explain!
I thought about it I really did!  But for two reasons I didn't
#1 I've never run 3 miles in my life!
#2 Mom didn't want to pay $30 more dollars.
So I ran the 1 mile.
Before the race began.
From left to right:
Nate, Me, Kenzie, Hannah, Tabitha, and Ross.

The ninth graders planned the whole event along with Mrs. Becka.
I'm still wondering why they have the "What's that?" face on.

People are chatting to pass time before the races began.

Kenzie and Gracie.

Seth threatening Ross with a stick.

Seth Hiding from the camera very unsuccessfully!

Morgan, Hannah, and me!

Kenzie Doodle!


Tuning up the instruments.

Abby, Ashley Anna, and Sarah.

All the boys.
From left to right.
Stone, Conrad, Elijah, Tucker, Nate, I'm not sure who the next kid is, Seth, and Noah.
Aidan is behind them along with someone else.

The 5k race started.

Luke and his dad.

Abigail and her mom.

The bikers who were leading and following the pack.


Mr. Hill, Tucker, and Elijah.
Man they look tired already! 
They only have, what, two more miles left?!

Abagail again.

Then the one mile race started.




My dad!

They're coming, they're coming!
Who is it?

Come on guess!

Yup, me!  I'm leading the pack and Nate is behind me a little ways back.

After I received my ribbon.

Nate coming in for the finish!


Run the finish line is HERE!

Sitting down to rest.

My prize for winning the 1 mile!

As you see in the picture, the guy labeled THIS GUY won the 5k.
He's my classmate Isaiah's dad.

I hope we raised a lot of money to contribute to the track!


Taylor said...

Hey Tessa,
I just wanted you to know that I've awarded you over at my blog! :)

sarahlynn said...

hi! looks like fun! great job!
Just want to let you know I'm a follower!

Taylor said...

Congrats! =D