Sunday, March 8, 2009


This weekend I went to Winter Jam.
It was lots of fun!
These are the people who were or supposed to be there.

The Afters
They were really good.
The guy in the middle has AWESOME hair.

Brandon Heath
wasn't there but I love his song..
Give Me Your Eyes.

Stephanie Smith
was there but I'd never heard of her.
She is good though.

Pure NRG
was ok .
We couldn't figure out if that really was a boy!
They were flipping everywhere.

Hawk Nelson
They were really good.
Everyone was wearing Hawk Nelson shirts.

was very good.
They sang a lot.
It was there concert, so why shouldn't they.
Sorry, one of the band members are cut out.

Francesca Battistelli
is a new singer.
I love her song...
Free To Be Me.

And TobyMac.
My favorite!
Everyone stood up for him!
They put out trampolines for them to jump off of and
Toby went out it the crowd and someone got him in their faces.
I was like, horsefeathers why didn't we sit over there!

That was the best concert (and the only real concert) I have ever been to.
I can't wait till next year!