Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 100th Post Giveaway!

The time has finally come for my 100th Post Giveaway!!!!!!
The prize for this giveaway will be....

wait for it...

wait for it...

A key chain!
But not any key chain!
On one side will be the winner's embroidered initial.

And on the other their blog button or a picture with the name of their blog on it.
(if you don't have a blog still enter! There's plenty of stuff I could put on it instead)

The horse is not grainy in real life but my camera made it look grainy so don't worry about that! LOL
I was trying to get a good photo and got my camera instead!

To enter drop a comment and Facebook/Tweet about it!  You may leave two comments at tops but no more.
I can't wait to see who wins this handmade prize!
(My Mom and I made it)
Don't forget to tell your friends!


Taylor said...

I'm entering! I'm entering! Do I have to do anything?

Casey said...

Hey, that's cool! I really like it!

Hannah said...

I like the key chain its awesome that you can make stuff like that!!!!:):):):):)Hannah WATKINS

Taylor said...

Thanks for putting up my button! :) <3

A Sweeter Song said...

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Elr√°nia said...

Great keychain! I'll enter :)

Taylor said...

I want to enter!! :)

Cassie said...

Did you get my other comment? Does this count as an entry?

Lindsay said...

I'd love to enter your giveaway,
Tessa!! What a wonderful prize. :)

~ Blessings,

P.S. - I found out about your giveaway through a comment that you left on my friend Taylor's blog. :)

***Emily*** said...

*coughs* I forgot to enter it.... so I'm doing it now.

In Christ,

Luci said...

Hello Tessa,

I just found your blog, and read about the giveaway! I would ove to enter. =)

God Bless,

Cassie said...

This is so I can be entered twice... this is an awesome idea and a really cool key chain!

Oasis Owl said...

Kool Keychain!! Does this count as an entry?? =D

Emma Michaels said...

Please enter me! Wonderful key chain and hope you will also enter my contest on my blog!


elyse11 said...

do i just post a comment like this?? cause i wanna enter.. ttfn