Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix It Friday Photo Challange!

This is my first Fix-It Friday and I am having fun adding my own style to this photo!
Here is the original Photo...


And here is mine!
I did some changing in Picnic and then to Gimp!
In Picnic I Boosted the image and then I added a slight HDR-ish effect.
In Gimp I just added the swirlies!
Hope you like it!



Elizabeth said...

Very cool...and creative...great job!

***Emily*** said...

Ooh! I rather like it!

My GIMP stopped working so I'm not able to use it for those things.*sad face*

In Christ,

Misty Wallace said...

Great job! I love the swirls!

Amandalynn said...

The swirls are fantastic! How did you do those?

Oasis Owl said...

Nice! It looks amazing!! =)

Oasis Owl said...

i <3 the swirls!!