Friday, January 22, 2010



1. Do you like chocolate? Yes!  who doesn't?

2. Can you climb trees?  It depends on the tree...

3. What continent would you like to visit? hmmmm....that's hard....Europe?

4. What Chinese year where you born in? Idk

5. Are you a terrible artist? Not awesome and not terrible....depends on what I'm drawing.

6. List three movies you can't stand watching: I could go on & on but to name a few: This is too hard. um.... I really can't think of one right now....I'll think of one later though!

7. Do you like to get up early or sleep in late? Sleep in! :) ;)

8. What are some of your favorite books? Do you want to be here all day?

9. Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? Yes....

10. List three of your favorite Star Wars Characters: I don't know *shrug*...

11. Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music?Listen!

12. Are you big on sports? not really....but I raelly like watching my school's Bball team play even though we aren't that great but who cares? GO WARRIORS!

13. Do you read a lot? YES!

14. Do you like fantasy? YES! Fantasy Rocks! Who couldn't?

15. Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? No.

16. Do you sing a lot? depends on where I am.... I sing at school but not much, at home some, in the shower: a lot! :) ;)

I tag anyone who is following me!


Elránia said...

Thanks I'm doing it!

A Sweeter Song said...

Yes I would like to enter the giveaway.=)

Taylor said...

I want to do this tag!