Monday, January 4, 2010

Me Through The Years....

I was looking through my mother's blog and found a bunch of really good pictures of me so I decided to write a post full of pictures of me all through the years.
*note that these are in no order so yes my hair will grow and I will get bigger and smaller! LOL

This is me in on eof my favorite dances.
It was kind of based off of Angels fighting Demons and of course the Angels win.
I was an Angel and I loved the costume!

I love going to my friends Casey and Chloe's house!
We have loads of fun dressing up, playing in the cow pasture, acting like hamsters on the big red hey thingy, and you can't forget the gymnast bar!

This is Kenzie, Abby, and I at the American Girl Place in Georgia so Abby and I could celebrate our Birthdays together since she is on the 17th and I'm on the 18th.

Here's Casey, Ross, Nate, Kenzie, and I trying to look like the mannequins!

Abby and I camping!

When I went to Disney we got to eat and see Cinderella, the Prince, her Sisters, and her scary Step-mother.

Now we flash-back to when Kenzie was born.
Ross and Nate were sleeping at my house because the next day was my mom's birthday,
but me woke up and Ryan said that Mom had taken Kelly to the hospital!
So now we have to Birthdays on one day!

Brooke and I at the beach on Chincoteague!

Casey, Chloe and I again!

Casey and I holding up a national monument in D.C.


Hannah and I as Cleopatra on our school float!

Hope and I trying to bake for my Birthday party!


When we went to Disney we saw a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow but he sure does look just like him!


I became a honorary member of Captain Jack Sparrow's Crew!

Kelly and I acting like ninjas!

Kenzie and I dancing after my recital was over!

When we were camping Casey, Chloe and I were bored first thing in the morning so we made commercials out of what ever we could find on my dads boat!


Me waiting to say my speech for the bio fair.
I was Abigail Adams a very amazing woman.

My first competition!  I did a solo and got gold.
The onnly problem was whe they asked me what studio I was from I said the wrong one!
I was teased for weeks!
Luckily no one remembers anymore! LOL

My second competition!
We got high silver because we messed up.


Here I am at Junior camp.

My class feast in 5th grade.
Yes we are missing the boys in this picture!

Casey, Chloe and I, the computer kids!


Another dance!

Another dress up picture!

Ross, Nate and I enjoying the view!


My cousin's little baby Hayden!


Courtlyn, Hope, and I in fourth grade.
There were only three of us so we were with the 3rd graders.
We were the three amigos until after 5th grade when Hope left but she's coming back this year so....
The Three Amigos Are Back!


My whole class, in 3rd/4th grade. (Hope and Courtlyn came halfway through the year)


Me with my cowgirl hat!


My friends in Canada!


Cool picture!


Disney world....It was FREEZING! I'm not kidding. Mom had to go buy a WINTER coat it was SO cold!


At one point we painted one of our rooms like this for a medieval feast. it's not still like that though.


Ross, Nate, Kenzie, Mom, and I on the Polar Express!




I think I was kind of surprised at how much food I got!


VBS! I love VBS!


Stick Horse race!


Casey, Chloe and I in a kayak!

Chloe, Ashley, and I getting ready to go tubing!


Fun Time!


Sarah and I with my pony, Crackerjack.  I don't have him anymore, I (my Mom actually) gave them to Sarah's family in FL, but they couldn't keep him anymore so they gave him to a good home.


And lastly me when I was a baby girl!
I love this picture!

Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed it!


Taylor said...

Those are adorable! I might have to do that!

Megan said...

Yes, I just did a post about getting a makeover on my blog!

Taylor said...

These pictures are so cute! I loved looking through them all! :)


madeleine sellars said...

I loved the pictures!!!! I think in one of them you looked so much like Kenzie!!!!

madeleine sellars said...

You look so pretty at all of your dances!!!!!

isaiah said...

You rock at taking pictures! ya kno you could like take pictures of the sunset or something and sell them! keep up the good work!