Tuesday, November 24, 2009

part 1,2,3 of my story

“Erulassë Erulassë!” Alassëa cried
“What is it now?” teased Erulassë
“Stop it your making me sound as if I’m making a big deal out of nothing! But really something did happen! We just got news that the dwarves were attacked!”
Erulassë leaped to her feat and started running to the heart of Comlonron the elves city. Comlonron was near the sea and was surrounded by a confusing maze of trees but Erulassë knew its twists and turns like the back of her hand. Alassëa hurried to catch up with her.
“They were attacked by the Urulas. They had to evacuate all the tunnels and get all the women and children out and now there’re marching here.” Erulassë ran faster. Finally they reached the gate leading into Queen Adrina’s court room. Erulassë burst through the door scaring many of the elves standing in the room.
Erulassë ignored their disapproving faces and walked straight up to Queen Adrina. “What happened? Pardon me for my hastiness!” apologized Erulassë.
“The dwarve’s city of Tirnagin was attacked by Urulas this morning and they are sending all 50,000 dwarf women, children, and infirmed here,” stated Queen Adrina.
The council gasped, “But where will we put them?” Exclaimed a silver-haired elf
“I do not know but we will help our dwarf neighbors. Now leave I must think about this in peace!” snapped Queen Adrina The council departed all but Erulassë. “What do you want? I thought I told you to leave!”
Erulassë stepped forward and stated simply “I know where we can put them. We can put them in the sacred wood.”
The Queen gasped “Never! Never shall anyone but the priests go to the sacred wood! Now depart from my presence you insolent young elf!” she yelled outraged
“It could have worked “said Erulassë and walked out the door.
“That was a bad move Erulassë! You know how we feel about the sacred woods! Especially Queen Adrina after the losing her dragon to them!” Exclaimed Alassëa
“It’s the only way we can help them you know it too!” cried Erulassë who then turned and ran into the forest. Alassëa knew that she wouldn’t be able to find her because of the vastness of Comlonron. She also knew that she was probably heading to the sacred wood.

"Why won't she listen to me?! She won't even listen to her daughter who's been gone for six years ever since she lost her dragon! But I know he's not coming back!" When Erulassë reached the sacred wood she stopped and looked over her shoulder before saying "Mec vor ic lay Erulassë"("I am your friend Erulassë" in elvish) and a dragon stepped out of the gloom.
"Calem" (Come) the dragon said. As Erulassë slipped into the cool darkness the barriers of her mind fell away and she felt relaxed for the first time since Alassëa told her the news. Vaguely she heard a pleading voice asking her to stop but she pushed the voice away and disappeared into the gloom.
"Today is a special day for today I will give you the most precious thing I can give you." said the dragon who then stepped aside relieving a dragon egg.
"I'm, I'm a Rider? gasped Erulassë
"Only if the egg will hatch but first let my ask you, are you willing to take up the responsibility of being a Rider?"
Erulassë hesitated. "The Queen will hate me for this won't she?" The dragon nodded. Erulassë bowed her head then said "I do!" and reached out for the egg. A thin line rippled across the surface of the egg and "Plop!" the egg fell apart relieving a orangy-gold dragon hatchling.
"Hello my Rider."
"Hello Linerae."
"How did you come up with a name for me so soon?"
chuckled the dragon
"I've thought about it for a long time."
responded Erulassë. Erulassë took a closer look at the dragon. She had orangy-gold color and auburn, penetrating eyes. She was no taller than her weist and appeared to be waiting for something. Tarnac (the other dragon) bounded into the clearing.
"The Queen saw that flash and she's sending soldiers here now! You must hide!" Erulassë looked at Linerae and smiled.
"Let's go!" They took off through the forest just before the Queen's men stumbled into the clearing.
"I'll distract them! Go to the Turnic Tower, you'll be save there! Now go!" said Tarnac then took off.
"Come on, we have to move!" Erulassë and Linerae ran as one through the forest not stopping for anything. They could hear shouting behind them, always there, then silence.
"A DRAGON!" exclaimed one of the soldiers. Erulassë stopped.
"Oh no! They have Tarnac!" she turned to run back but Linerae tackled her.
"NO WE HAVE TO GO!" grawled Linerae
"Fine!" she said When the got to the tower it was dusk.
"I'm going to sneak into the city and get my stuff. Just stay here ok?" Then Erulassë dissapeared into the night.
How do you like it?

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