Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ok I am going to write a poem today since all my stories are at school.
I'm going to do it on my favorite books Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr.

Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr

E-Everywhere he goes he always finds trouble
R-Ra'zacs want him gone but he's not going anywhere
A-Arya his true love although it can not be
G-Galbatorix the evil King of old has sentenced him to death
because he stood against him
O-Orimos old and wise, his teacher till the end, though stern and
hard is always a friend
N-Never does he give up a task especially if it involves his

E-Eragon and Saphira try their best to foil Galbatorix's evil
L-Long has Alagaesia waited for them
D-Du Weldenvarden, the elves city, here lies undisturbed by
E-Ebrithil, Oramis is call by Eragon and Saphira
S-Shadeslayer they call Eragon for he is one of few who fought
and won
T-Terrible mistakes have been made by Eragon in his blessings but he
will fix them

B-Brightscales and Irontooth Saphira has been called by dwarf
and elf alike
R-Roran, Eragons cousin, has been called Stronghammer
I-Islanzadi, Queen of the elves is Arya's mother
S-Sloan, the butcher in Carvenhall, betrayed Carvenhall to the
I-Irritating many things are to Eragon
N-Never has Eragon and Saphira turned and run away from
their rightful duty.
G-Galbatorix's end is drawing close
R-Roran, Eragon,Saphira, and Arya will defeat Galbatorix

Ok it's not a rhyming poem. Oh well, but It took me 15-20 minutes so please don't laugh!
Eragon lover,

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