Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok so here is my story. I'll sdd more next weekend or sooner. I hope you like it!
If you have trouble prenouncing my characters names look in my post before this. Enjoy!

“Erulassë Erulassë!” Alassëa cried
“What is it now Gollumbina?” teased Erulassë
“Stop it your making me sound as if I’m making a big deal out of nothing! But really something did happen! We just got news that the dwarves were attacked!”
Erulassë leaped to her feat and started running to the heart of Comlonron the elves city. Comlonron was near the sea and was surrounded by a confusing maze of trees but Erulassë knew its twists and turns like the back of her hand. Alassëa hurried to catch up with her.
“They were attacked by the Urulas. They had to evacuate all the tunnels and get all the women and children out and now there’re marching here.” Erulassë ran faster. Finally they reached the gate leading into Queen Adrina’s court room. Erulassë burst through the door scaring many of the elves standing in the room.
Erulassë ignored their disapproving faces and walked straight up to Queen Adrina. “What happened? Pardon me for my hastiness!” apologized Erulassë.
“The dwarve’s city of Tirnagin was attacked by Urulas this morning and they are sending all 50,000 dwarf women, children, and infirmed here,” stated Queen Adrina.
The council gasped, “But where will we put them?” Exclaimed a silver-haired elf
“I do not know but we will help our dwarf neighbors. Now leave I must think about this in peace!” snapped Queen Adrina The council departed all but Erulassë. “What do you want? I thought I told you to leave!”
Erulassë stepped forward and stated simply “I know where we can put them. We can put them in the sacred wood.”
The Queen gasped “Never! Never shall anyone but the priests go to the sacred wood! Now depart from my presence you insolent young elf!” she yelled outraged
“It could have worked “said Erulassë and walked out the door.
“That was a bad move Erulassë! You know how we feel about the sacred woods! Especially Queen Adrina after the losing her dragon to them!” Exclaimed Alassëa
“It’s the only way we can help them you know it too!” cried Erulassë who then turned and ran into the forest. Alassëa knew that she wouldn’t be able to find her because of the vastness of Comlonron. She also knew that she was probably heading to the sacred wood.

Hope you liked it! Can you PLEASE give me a name for my book I'm lost and if you have any good names for characters PLEASE tell me! But if you don't want your name used in my book please say so.



Tessa said...

Oh and a HINT...

dottie said...

To try to find a good name, click on comments and the word verification sometimes has a good name pop up here and there. And as for the book title, I'll have to reread your story, but I'll try to think of one! Toodles for now!

Taylor said...

Whoa, it's like a combination of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Eragon. I don't know any of the special skills in the book, Eragon, so it's kind of confusing. Cool. I love writing little books for fun!