Saturday, November 7, 2009

My short story

Ok so here is my short story. Please don't laugh. LOL

A woman slipped into the back of the Church. She was wearing an old faded dress and scuffed shoes. The people near her gave her a scornful glance. The woman was used to this. No one approved of her. She was an outcast since her husband died. Halfway through the sermon she slipped out and went to the cemetery up the hill. As she passed her car she grabbed a box. When she got to the top of the hill she went to a tombstone under a willow tree. “Oh Paul,” she cried. She sat on the grass and opened the box. There was a stack of love letters, a locket, and a pair of worn pointe shoes. She grabbed the locket and clicked it open. There was a picture of her and her husband and a picture of a baby. She closed the locket and reached for the letters but changed her mind and grasped the pointe shoes instead. She caressed the worn satin. She slipped them on and knelt in front of the tomb and started to dance. She danced for all they had loved and all they had lost. When she was done she put them in the box and closed the lid. These were memories past, memories lost. She turn to go but stopped for there on the hill was the whole church. A woman detached herself from the crowd and hugged her. Then the whole congregation surrounded her in a veil of prayer.

Strange story for a 13 year old girl but oh well so how do you like it?

In Christ,



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the Mom of Taylor at "Proverbs 31... in training" and I was just checking out your blog for the first time. This is a beautiful story! If you wrote it yourself, you are a very talented writer. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you.

Anonymous said...

Tessa....beautiful! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you. He has given you so many gifts. Hey - I know - you could be a writer that dances as she tells her tales, and then rides away on a horse. That's it! You are very welcome! *wink*