Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Day

Today I got up and went to school. It was a free dress day since it is a home basketball game.
Poem(kinda) (freestyle!)
First I had a Bible test
Then had a LA class
Then was time to go to math
and have a mathtastic time
Literature class was next
to read A Christmas Carol indeed
Then my favorite part of the day
it's lunch Oh yes, yes ,yes
Then out to PE
To play football
as we always do
History is next
Let's take a test
Study Hall to look for my friend's earing
and last but not least
Music to listen to a boring play
and watch them all goof off and laugh
at nothing in particular
Then finally the day is done
and I go home
to write a huge paper
and go to a basketball game
and post my blogpost
ya hoo!

Hope you like it.
I'm making a poem like Taylor.
See her blog here

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