Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've Been Awarded!

Taylor over at Proverbs 31... in Training! Gave me this award!
Here are the rules...
  • Thank the person who gave you the award

  • Copy the award

  • Post it on your blog

  • Tell us 7 things your readers don't know

  • Link 7 new bloggers as recipiants

  • Notify the winners of their award with a comment on their blog

  • Keep on sharing the light of Christ with others!
First, Thank you Taylor for giving me this award!
1. I go to a Christian school where they teach Latin.
2. I'm the oldest in my class
3. I'm an Aunt to my two nephews and a niece
4. My favorite Christmas movie is Prancer
I used to have a horse but we moved to the city and had to give him to my cousins*
6. My sister's family lives in my house
7. I can't stand bad grammar. Just like my mom. I only use it if I'm acting like that on purpose.

I award...
Casey over at Casey's Creative Corner
Chloe at Dottie Moves On
Taylor at My Little Home In the Ozarks
Plain Girl
Elves of Middle Earth
Daughter of a King

Phew I finally found seven people!
Thank you everyone especially Taylor at Proverbs 31... in Training!


Taylor said...

Thanks for doing the tag, Tessa! I loved reading your answers!! :)


Tessa said...

The * is because they're really my nephews' and niece's cousins. But I call them my cousins! LOL