Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LORD OF THE RINGS! 1st time through!

I'm reading Lord Of The Rings for the first time. I got ALL three books in one so it is kinda big
understatement of the year!
Well let's hope I finish it before I have to give it back to the library!
Fingers crossed LOL



Hope said...

Wow Tessa!!! i have always wanted to be a character in The Lord of the Rings to!! (if that's the book you were talking about lol)

Tessa said...

who is this?
Hello please????

Taylor said...

I'm reading the Lord of the Rings series right now too! It's taking me forever! I read The Hobbit in one afternoon, but it took me four DAYS to read The Fellowship of the Ring. It hasn't taken me that long to read a book in years! I'm wrting a story about an elf named Elindira. I'll Email you and tell you about it.

Tessa said...

Oops! It's not 3 it's more like 5.LOL

Tessa said...

actually it's six