Sunday, November 15, 2009

HELP! All bookworms (and others) COME!!!!!

Ok I have to ask all of you a question.
Do you think it is worth my time to start a book blog where all we do is talk about books?
Please answer!!!!!
Oh and I think I might call it (That is if i do it LOL)...
The Little Book Room
The Book Shelf is for Us
What Do You Mean I'm A Bookworm?

Please vote and tell me which one you like!


Taylor said...

I like What do you mean I'm a bookworm? I am a freqent commenter, sorry if I'm a pain.

Taylor said...

Any of the names sound good to me!

...I'm following your blog now! Thanks for the comment you left on mine. :)

God bless,

Casey said...

I think that's a good idea! All the names sound good but I picked "The Little Book Room". I like little things, don't ask me why! Ha ha

madeleine sellars said...

i love that idea!!!! i picked the one called the little book worm!!!!