Friday, July 2, 2010

I stole my mom's camera!

Just kidding...I didn't actually didn't steal it.  More like borrowed for a while.  I love taking pictures with her camera.  It makes me feel so professional!  She has a Canan Rebel XSI.  I love taking it for a little bit! :)
Mom wants to build a patio out of the bricks that were under out porch.  Which meant that one of us had to go in with the spiders...not me!  Ross, MK, and Nate went under and I carried bricks.  You people who like spiders and their webs (I'm not talking about little spiderwebs, I'm talking about huge ones so dusty that their white) don't call me a scaredy-cat!  I would have gone under if I had to but since I had two strapping young boys and one eager girl with me I gave up that job. LOL
I love the pictures I got of them all stacked in a huge pile by the hose!

Here are just a few others I took when I "stole" mom's camera! :)


Olivia said...

Those pictures are so good. =)

Alexandra said...

Gorgeous pictures! :)

You're not alone--I'm freaked out by spiders too!