Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girls Day Out in Knoxville!

Yesterday we girls went to Downtown Knoxville.  We went to Mast General Store first then we walked a little ways to the resteraunts.  We ate at a place called  Cafe Trio.  I got a huge ceaser salad and ate most of it with a little help from Kenzie!  Then we went to look in the stores!

We went to a store named Bliss and had a great time looking at its unique variety of stuff.  I was disappointed that you couldn't take pictures in the store because there were some very cool things!
At the end of our trip we got to go the The Marble Slab and get some amazing ice cream.  I got mint with chocolate chips mixed in! Mmmmmm!
On our way back to Mast General Store we saw this extremely old Volkswagen!  It is so old and junky.  It would have made an awesome photo shoot.

I thought these were cute letters!  They make good pictures.  I love editing these pictures!

Then we went to the mall and visited Forever 21 and Wet Seal!  At Forever 21 we tried on some cute headbands but left because this lady was so intent on keeping the headbands in order that she took them out of our hands!  And also you couldn't take pictures! LOL
Then we went to Wet Seal!  They had the CUTEST outfits ever!  Their ruffled shirts were adorable!  But then I found the find of the day!  Converse looking shoes for THREE BUCKS!  You heard me! THREE BUCKS!  And some adorable necklaces!  Wet Seal is officially my favorite store of all time!!!!

P.S.  It's Nate's Birthday today so everyone say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!


Taylor said...

Looks like y'all had fun! I LOVE Marble Slab!!!! :D

Olivia said...

Hope you had fun. I like wet seal too.

Happy birthday Nate

Alexandra said...

Happy Birthday Nate!

Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun and exciting stops! I'll have to check out Wet Seal--you *can't* beat a pair of $3 converse! ^^

Lovely pictures! You definitely have an eye for photography ;)

Lindsay said...

That looks like tons of fun, Tessa! I love the "July" letters. How cute! :) Anyway, just thought I'd leave ya a comment so you'll know I was here. ;)

Ann said...

That volkswagon is looks OLD! it's amazing that it still runs!

those letters are adorable. i think they'd make a great craft project.

and, those shoes for 3 dollars...what a steal!