Friday, July 16, 2010

Ohio Trip, Hayden, Amish Country and Close Call With A Tractor Trailor...

Yes, I know that my title covers a wide veriety of topics!  Please read it all.  You don't want to miss the tractor trailer story and that's the second to last picture I think...well let's hop to it!
On Monday my mom, Kenzie, and I left for a trip to Ohio to see my grandma, Aunt Pat, cutey pie Hayden, and the rest of the family!  Hayden is my cousin.  Just thought I'd clear that up!  One of her nicknames is Hayhay so if you see it you know who I'm talking about!  Isn't she cute?

My favorite picture of Hayhay!  I love her serious face as she looks at Kenzie.  I love how Kenzie's face is just a blur. (is that the right word?)

A couple of Kenzie and Hayhay's cute pictures!
Then we tried to take a picture of the grandma's and grand-kids!  Hayden didn't want to cooperate.  My favorite is the middle one with her mouth in a big O. :)
Then we got to go out into Amish Country!  It was so cool to see buggies driving down the road.  We ended up pulling in and looking at an auction!  It was really cool.  They even auctioned of veggies!

They had rabbits for sale too!  I felt sorry for the rabbit on the right ---> They said he was sick. :(  The horse wasn't part of the auction.  Just caught his picture on the side of the road!
They also auctioned off chickens, ducks, cows, and much more!

I got this picture at the auction.  I really like it especially the Amish girl with her cute pink crocks. :)

I've never seen so much corn in my life as I saw this trip.  People even had corn in the small backyards!  The corn were all so close and so tall!  It was really cool!

I love the sky in this picture!  It's so pretty!

Then we pulled over to take pictures of this cute school house!  Yes, I cost a some time since we pulled over to take a picture of anything even remotely picture-worthy!  I love how old the sign looks!

And then there were these really long swings! 

And then these see-saws!  This is one of Mom's favorite pictures!

I love this picture of these two sheep!  I love their expressions!  I'm glad I caught it before the moved!

I couldn't resist a picture of the barbed wire and fence poles! 

These hay-bails were everywhere.  They are so cool!  They looked like someone was in them and at any moment they would walk away.  Very weird!  Well, these particular hay-bails have a...let's say an interesting story.  We had turned around to go back so I could get a picture of these and a big tractor trailer was a pretty far distance behind us and we were going really slow so we wouldn't miss the dirt road when mom looks in her rear-view mirror to see the tractor trailer ready to kiss our bumper!  She swerved off the road and into the hay-bail field and I just about got a VERY close look at those hay-bails.  Well, Kenzie starts cracking up because she didn't know what happened.  All she knew was that swerving was fun and Hayhay joined in!  I think my mom is still freaking out over it.  But needless to say, I got my hay-bail pictures without doing a face plant in them! Haha!

They also kind of look like that weird dog that looks like mop...just saying...haha!

1) This is 201 post and I have 44 followers!  I'm getting closer to 50!
2)  More will be coming that have my grandma in them!  Please pray for her, she has cancer.


carlotta said...

awesome photos! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Great pictures! :D

I hope your grandma's okay!

Alexandra said...

Amazing shots!

I'll definitely pray for your Grandma. :)

Shania said...

wow your photos are great... :) i like them a lot and i wish i could go to that place, too. :)

Miss K said...

Great shots! I love the first picture-adorable!
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