Saturday, July 31, 2010

Atlanta Mission Trip, American Idol, Youth Pastor Leaving, and Katja

A lot has happened since I last posted!  I went on a mission trip in Atlanta which is pretty much what his post is about.  Also my dad is in Brazil on a mission trip, my brother is on his way to Afghanistan, I got to go see the Top Ten of American Idol on their Live Tour,  my youth pastor and his family left for New Orleans, and we now have a German Exchange Student named Katja staying at our house for a whole month!  Oh, and school starts in a little over a week. :(   So as you see it's been busy here in Tennessee!
During the mission trip my group got to help at a VBS.  I had SO much fun playing with those kids!  I love them all even though I still can't pronounce half of their names!  Here are a couple of the names:
Aaron, Bobby, Shakara, Miahjah, Manojemm, and Trzahen just to name a few.  Now this little guy's name was Aaron and her is the cutest little boy in the world!  I love this picture!

Those kids were happy as larks if you let them take pictures with your camera or cell phone!  If you had one you were their best friends!  I think this one is my favorite!  He was reaching for the camera when I snapped this one!

Awww!  I love getting hugs!  Especially from kids!  I was so blessed to be in this group!  I loved working with these kids!

I love this picture!  I have to say, balloons are pretty awesome don't you think?

I wish I had taken this picture but I didn't!  Aaron took this hilarious picture of Rob and Jo!

This little girl really became best friends with my friend Holly.  They ended up switching names so Shania became Holly and Holly became Shania!  Isn't she cute?

And Vanessa hanging out with this little boy.  Sadly I can't remember his name!  Vanessa gets along so well with these kids and any kids for that matter! :)

Then I just wanted to add in a few pictures I took in Knoxville while waiting to see the American Idol Live Tour!  It was really fun getting to hear them!  I love this barbed wire picture!

Mom took this cute one of me! 
P.S. I made the hat myself but more on that later!

We went past this ally way and I just wanted a picture of all the graffiti!  I think it looks really cool!

I love fire escapes!  They just look really cool against the sky!

And to top it off my youth pastor, Tim and his wife Emily and their two girls Olivia and Sarah Cate are leaving us and moving back to New Orleans.  I'm really sad but I know their where God wants them to be. :)  Love you Brays!
P.S. I'll write more about Katja soon!  Maybe even get up some pictures!

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