Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Army Brother is Leaving...

Yup, you heard me.  Ryan is leaving tomorrow to go back to his base and soon he'll be off to Afghanistan.  :(  On Sunday the whole congregation prayed for Ryan.  Then I got these awesome pictures afterward.  I love the kissing ones!  They're priceless.

Then we went to spend the Fourth of July out on the boat.  I got some pictures of this cutey

and this goofball!

Then we went to the Church's property on the lake for the talent show which my friend Megan and I were in.  We did our Irish dance called Blackbird.  It was a ton of fun.

Then there were fireworks!  These pictures were really from Saturday when we went to Rogersville.  They always have the best fireworks!  If you notice that half of the fireworks are cut off it's because I forgot that I have to move the lens cover thingy.  It keeps sticking! :(


Taylor said...

I love all of these photos, Tessa! Great job. ;D

Olivia said...

Nice pics. It looks like you had fun. Megan said it went well.