Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding My Own Little Peace Corner....

A few days ago I was restless.  I wanted a good book to read but I felt like I'd read all the good ones on the shelf.  I picked up a book and read the first few chapters before setting it down again.  "Not right for today."  I thought.   I scanned our shelves and found one that caught my eye.  Summer of the Midnight Sun.   "Hmmmmm,  I think I'll read a little bit of this one.  I layed on my nice, big, comfy bed and started to read.   Soon I was engrossed in this book about  a woman named Leah, her brother Jacob, her true love Jayce, and their trials and joys in the Alaskan wilderness.  But as usual someone came to disturb my peace.  I had to set down my book and left it open on my bed until I came back.  When I picked it back up I walked down my stairs and out the door.  I made a beeline for a chair on my back porch.  I settled in and began to read.  A half-an-hour passed.  And another, and another, with nothing but the soft melodious sound of the wind chimes and an occasional car reaching my ears.  I was fascinated by my new-found friends.  Soon I realized I only had about three pages left.  A loud peal of thunder broke the silence of my "peace corner" and I hurried inside thinking that it wasn't smart to read on a medal porch in a storm.  I sat back down inside and read the last paragraph of my book.
"Your were faithful yesterday...and today, Lord."  She raised her arms to the ceiling in an act of praise. "I know you will be faithful tomorrow and the next day... and forever."


When you live in a city it's really hard to find a peaceful time outside.  The train goes by, kids start yelling, parents decide to mow the lawn or talk on the phone.  I'm glad that I could get in a few hours of nice peace and quiet with a book.  Especially this book.  I was so drawn into this book that I could NOT put it down until I finished it.  There are two others after this and all three are the same.  I can't bear to put them down.   Hope you enjoyed reading about finding my peace corner.


Maggie said...

I love being able to get so far into a book that you look at the clock and several hours have passed. It's just so much fun to be able go into the world of a book. :)


Stella Velox said...

I read that series a few years ago. It's great! Hope you enjoy it.