Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy Day, Funny Faces, VBS....

It's been extremely rainy here in Tennessee.  Not a good time to rain since it's VBS week.  But we're having fun!  So here are a few "rainy day" pictures.  :)  AND DO NOT FORGET TO LOOK AT THE VERY LAST PICTURE...SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL MY AMAZING FOLLOWERS!

Megan, Hope, and I at VBS!


Me seeing a vision after Splash Country! LOL Just kidding! All I saw was the sky and the car. 
I think....LOL

I love ALL of my wonderful followers!  Thanks for commenting (I <3 comments) and for putting up with my ridiculous whims and musings.  Thank you for your compliments and help.  Since I started back up on blogging I've "met" some amazing bloggers that I feel like I've known for all my life after a couple of emails!  I hope to meet some of you someday.  But most of all thanks for praising God with me and all the other Christian bloggers out there!  I love you all!


***Emily*** said...

Aww Tessa! Thanks for the sweet little message. It would be so wonderful to meet you, I actually dreamt about that one night.
Any way I love your red bangs. =D They're awesome.

In Christ,

Maggie said...

Aw, thanks for the message. :)

I love VBS! :) Always fun! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!