Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at my house...

This Christmas was nice.  Had all my family there and my brother, Ryan got to come too.  It was a little bit weird though because it was in the 40-50 degrees and there was absolutely no snow.  In fact, we're getting our first real snow right now...maybe we'll have a delay on school tomorrow.  That would be great!
My mom's antique ornaments that hung from the chandelier this year.

I finally took time to try out bokeh this year!  I love this effect so much!

Pretty ornaments. 

colorful bokeh.

looking through our old family albums for pictures of my dad in the 80s or something!

Here comes Batman!

We have these glasses that when you put them on it changes the lights into shapes.  I think it worked just as well with a camera!

This looks like a bunch of inchworms!

This is my favorite picture of the holidays.  Kenzie was throwing out reindeer food.  It's one of our traditions.

Jett giving Nate a head scratch...he's probably happy that he is using it on someone else instead of us doing to to him all the time!  Jett doesn't like it that much...haha!

 Ryan working on his lottery ticket and Nate's priceless face!  He's such a goofball!

The next morning, I woke up at 6:23 on the dot and after laying in my bed for a while, I decided to go spy downstairs.  So, I turned on the heat to cover any sounds of my footsteps on the stairs and made my way down the stairs.  What did I find, you may ask.  Well, sure I found plenty of presents, a half eaten cookie, and a big tree but I also found...NATE!  He was asleep on the couch and he'd been there since 5:30.  So, I tiptoed back of the stairs and woke up my parents.  I then proceeded to wake up everyone else. 
Kenzie had made me promise to wake her up because she was afraid that she would miss it.  First I woke up Nate from his bed on the couch and then I headed for Ross.  I tip toed in and whispered, "Ross!  Ross!  Wake up!"  and he replied, "What do you want!" I guess he's not a morning person?
When I woke up Kenzie, her eyes popped open and she jumped a mile.  I scared her very badly.  It was funny though.  And she was just glad she didn't miss it!
The boys with their new swords.  Surprisingly, I still haven't heard anyone scream about getting hit with those.

My present to Ross.

Cookies, carrots, and letter.

Jett and I playing with the toys Nate made for Jett.  They're amazing!

Kenzie's favorite present---Kit, the American Girl doll.  She's been wanting her for months!  She was pretty excited!

There's my favorite baby in the whole-wide-world!

My big brother, Ryan.  He just got accepted into the Special Forces.  He's pretty excited about it.

I'm in love with Sharpies.

I was SUPER excited about getting this!  Anyone have any tips on how to use it?  

I L-O-V-E this necklace my sister made.  She's so awesome!  But I mean, this just fits me so well!  I legally shoot people!  How awesome is that?

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years!  I'm excited to start a new year and I can't wait to see what God has for me this year!
Hopefully I won't be so long between posts in the future!  I love you guys!  Happy 2012!


Cindi said...

wow. amazing pictures! That first picture is absolutely wonderful!

velchitra said...

Really great post with excellent pics!
Warm New Year Wishes - 2012! Keep Rocking!

Lhen aldave said...

Hi Tessa,

This is such FUN pics... looks like you've received a lot of gifts this Christmas. and I'm looking forward to your next post this 2012.


smiles from,
Lhen :)