Sunday, January 22, 2012

a discovery

I have discovered that I have a love for sports photography.  I like that it is such an unpredictable way to shoot.  You can shoot a hundred pictures and only end up with ten really good ones.  And your pictures are never the same.  But as much as I love it, I'm still lacking a lot of experience in the sports photography department so if you have any advice, at all, please leave a comment or you could even email me!  Just look to the right and hit the "contact me" button.  Thanks a ton. 
Oh, and did you notice my new header?  I am loving the change!  What about you?  Anything else I should change?
We have a student or "Cornerstone Crazies" section at our basketball games now.  They all look excited don't you think?  You gotta love the crazies.

Getting ready to reach for the sky.

Will it go in?  Will it roll out?  Now that is the question.

I have a problem when I'm at a basketball game.  I'm a little more than crazy.  Actually, I pretty much am the meaning of crazy.  I yell the whole time and I seriously think I get more into it than 95% if the people there.  I'm pretty positive I get it from my mom.  And I get told I should be a coach all the time because I tell the team what to do even though I don't even play basketball.  So, if you ever stop in a basketball game in east Tennessee and see a girl that looks a bit like me going crazy, well, now you know.

There's my favorite nephew (or one of them) shooting free throws.  He's pretty good considering he has to play with high schoolers most of the time.  He and his best friend, Seth are my favorite people on the team!

There's Seth waiting for the ball.  His brother, Aidan, is the blur.  The blue guy, well, I have no idea who he is.  haha!

Christian preparing for his one shot.

team huddle

sitting on the bench

What's your favorite kind of photography?


Michellel said...

Landscape and scenic is my favorite kind. I recently took some shots of my daughter's basket ball game-but I really need a faster lens.

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I am totally the type to be screaming from the benches! ;) haha