Tuesday, January 31, 2012

what i wore...

This weekend we went to Goodwill and besides finding oversized sweaters and really fun striped sweater (I'll show that one soon) I got this really artsy, fun shirt.  I love it so much.  And when you add a hat, well, it just makes it better.  I wore this to a basketball game and with my camera I felt like the most artsy person in the world.  Or at least in the room!
shirt: Goodwill, pants: unknown, hat: friend's grandmother, boots: Anthropology.

I'm in love with my new haircut.  It's so cute and so much easier to deal with!  

I redid my room over Christmas break and I made a photography wall and I discovered last night that it makes the perfect self-portrait wall!

Look it's me!
I'm starting a thirty day photography challenge and this is the first two days; self-portrait and what I wore.  I hope that wherever you are that your day is wonderful!


Cindi said...

I am in love with that shirt. It is absolutely adorable. I love that you used a string to hang up photos. I might just have to do that in my room. :))

janis said...

Got to love Goodwill finds! :)

Thanks again for the email!