Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Fever

Spring break has finally arrived and to say that I am pumped doesn't even begin to describe me.  On Friday I walk out of my last class, looked at two of my friends and we all started screaming.  Let's just say that we scared a couple of people.
When I got home I sat on my fire escape {one of the interesting parts of my room} and "basked" in the sun.  Soon though I was convinced to take pictures of Kenzie and somehow got grass stains all up my legs.  haha.  Dirty feet in the summer time is a given for me and apparently it's the same for Kenzie.  Yes, I am well aware that it is not summer yet but it feels like it.

Balls are all over our backyard.  We love throwing, kicking, tossing, and any other thing possible to do with a ball.

I loved this one.  I just snapped and the two of them were in the same position.  Love it.

Handstand attempts.




Brooke said...

You are so good at photography!!! Your camera takes crystal clear pictures; unlike mine. LOL YOUR SOOOO GOOOD!!! I need a new camera so bad!

P.S. Your so lucky you have grass!!!

Bethany said...

Love the pictures! It totally feels like summer to me too & these pictures capture it perfectly! :)

Hannah said...

GREAT PHOTAGRAPHY!!!! (as always!)Tell Kenzie Congrats on perfecting her handstand.. she couldn't quite get it at school but you never know what a little sunshine can encourage!!!

Have a great spring break!!!