Sunday, March 27, 2011

musical fashion

I've been listening to music basically all day.  Honestly, that is not very strange since I always say that I "live my life to music."  I'm quite literal when I say it too.
This is my last day before spring break is over and school is back.  Oh joy.  Well, instead of working on my biography paper like I could have been, I decided to raid my closet again.  So, over the course of several hours I bring you this post by yours truly.  hehe.

How many of you can guess what song the name of this collection of pictures is from?  I am almost positive that most of you should know this one.  No, it is not from Toy Story.  Sorry, it is not by Christina Perry even though I love her.  Okay I'll give you a hint.  Owl.  What?  You still can't get it?  It is Vanilla Twilight by Owl City of course!  You really should have known.

Only one of the songs that I adore at the moment.  Sigh.  It's just so beautiful.  I'm just not sure why Shaq is in the video but---well, it's a good song.

And don't you just love the outfit!  I was so excited to find out it had pockets!  Dear Weather...please get warm.

{dress-goodwill, shoes-unknown, cover up-unknown}

Now this name comes from the beautiful song by Sara Haze called Lovely.  It truly is a great song.  This outfit is slightly less summer-ish and a lot more casual.  I really like it. 

 t-shirt-unknown, cream (i don't know what it's called)-Forever 21, jeans-daisy fuentes

And the song that I chose for this adorable outfit was Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead.  A really great song.  I found this skirt at the Goodwill in Myrtle Beach.  Do you like it?

 skirt-Goodwill, shirt-Walmart, shoes-unknown

I really like this picture.  In fact I like it so much I made it my profile picture on Facebook.  Don't you just love having a tripod?

Just one more thing before you all leave me!  If you've ever heard The Band Perry you know that they are amazing.  I've been listening to their songs You Lie and Double Heart for two days straight.  I don't usually listen to a ton of country music but they are definitely the real deal!  Their song If I Die Young always makes me think of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet.  Well, I hope you all take my music suggestions because every one of these songs are absolutely amazing.


Hannah said...

<3 The Band Perry! You can always find the best things in Goodwill and I never can! I think you take all the good stuff! LOL


Olivia said...

You find the best clothes at GoodWill!!! I can never find clothes there. I love your outfits! Especially that first dress. I know what you mean about cold weather! I want to wear dresses and shorts again! :)