Saturday, March 26, 2011

the beach - take two

I think it is kind of strange when you find me sitting by the pool reading "Novelist's Boot Camp."  Wouldn't you agree?

Jett turned six months this week {oh, what a big little boy} and I got to take his picture.  Isn't he adorable?

He didn't think this picture was quite as funny as Kelly and I did.  Haha!  He's so cute.
"Don't leave me here!  What did I do?  Hello?  Anyone?"
Just kidding.  We didn't actually leave him on the beach.  He's too cute to waste on the beach.  Nope, we took him with us.

I adore this picture.  I had a stroke of genius at the moment that I found this foam-filled shell---if I may say so myself.

The sky looked like a painting that morning.  God was feeling especially painter-istic that day I suppose and I am just thankful He let me witness it.

The sunrises were gloriously captivating every morning.

More seagulls---I have a weakness for seagulls and cameras.  What can I say?  They make really fascinating subjects.

This sunrise flyer helps prove my point---birds are just fun to photograph.  I think you can tell I got slightly camera happy this week.   

Don't you love the beach?  Sadly, it's back to reality for me but this little escape from life was delightful.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity and for the beautiful sights I witnessed there.
Oh my!  Look at my signature.  More seagulls.  I'm turning into a seagull fanatic!
Have a beautiful day all of my wonderful followers and commenters!


Monica said...

Beeeautiful photos!! So perfect in every way!

Mary said...

Hi Tessa ... found your blog link on your mom's blog and when I found out you took those amazing beach photographs and are only 14 I was shocked. You have such a tremendous talent ... nurture that and you'll be hanging in fancy galleries all over the world some day. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them!