Monday, March 28, 2011

i'm just little old me

The song Lovely by Sara Haze spoke volumes to me today.  The beginning goes like this:

"I don't wanna be her
I just wanna be little old me
I shouldn't have to think
Who am I supposed to be today
And what gave you the right
To tell me who I should be
Who gave you that right
Cuz, I feel LOVELY just the way that I am
Yes, I feel LOVELY the way that I am"

I look at the culture today and I see girls molding themselves into what they think OTHERS want them to be.  We try so hard to fit in and fit the world's model of what a girl is supposed to be but there is so much more to us than that.  Why should we have to try so hard to find the world's approval?  Why can't we look at ourselves and see a creation of the Creator of heaven and earth?  He created us in His own IMAGE.  Shouldn't that be enough for us?  Why do we feel the need for the world's love when we have so much more?  We have to love of a wonderful Savior who died for us.  Do you hear me?  He died!
And you know what is really amazing?  He looks at us everyday, looks through the mistakes we have made and the imperfections and tells us that we are lovely.  Everyday.  Even when we have makeup running down our faces.  Even when we are wearing the worst outfit on the face of the planet or even if we are having a bad hair day.  He tells us everyday that we are lovely daughters of His.  I think that should mean so much more than something any guy could say or any compliment people could ever give.

Stop being the stereo typical girl!  Break out and show your true colors.  Live your own life with no restraints.  Love freely and dream big.  Reach for the sky girl because there is one guy who will always tell you that you are lovely---and that's Jesus.

I want to see His love through all I do.  Thank you Jesus that you think I am lovely.  Thank you so much.


little miss michelle said...

i came across your blog today and i have to say that I love it! so cute!

CourageToDream said...

Aww...cute blog! and hey btw, do you know that it is Earth Day on 22April!

And in honour of the same, I am hosting a Contest on my blog :

I would like for it if your could just give 2 minutes and voice your bit in making the earth a nice place to live in...
I hope you will do it!
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