Saturday, February 6, 2010

And The Winner is...

Pulling a number out of my Jack Sparrow hat.




Got One!


And the winner is...



is Number 7,or should I say
Taylor from Proverbs 31...In Training!
Congrats Taylor!
I think it's hilarious that I won your and you won mine!
 Email me and send the button or other picture you want on your keychain!
My email is:
Oh and It's better if the words are dark and nothing is like all white.
I can't wait to celebrate my next big step!
I think that would be 50 followers!


Taylor said...

Yay!!! Thanks, Tessa! That is funny that we won each other's giveaways, lol! :D I'll email you soon!


Emma Michaels said...

Congrats Taylor!

Glow Fish said...

Haha, cute idea to put all those pictures up there. I love that idea! :)

Congrats Taylor!!

Alexandra said...


Alexandra said...


Taylor said...

Congrats Taylor! When I read it, I was like, "I won!" but then I read the 'from Proverbs 31... in Training!' after it. Oh well. :)