Monday, February 8, 2010

An Award!!!!

I received an award! This one is from Emma from Emma Michaels. Thank you!


Seven things about myself:
1.  I love Irish dancing!  I take the class from 8 to 9 on Thursday and if you want to see me hyper just come to Irish! LOL
2.  I correct people's grammar. It comes from my mom! LOL

3.  I think LOTR movie is better than the book.

4.  I love emailing! 

5.  I try to stay away from up-side-down roller coasters.  

6.  I laugh at just about anything! And I mean ENYTHING!  Just ask my classmates.

7.  I love to write.

I award anyone who is a follower of my blog!


Taylor said...

Cool! I will try to do this tag. You don't like upside-down roller coasters?!

elyse11 said...

so i am awarded to?!! :) XD