Friday, February 5, 2010

My Unusual Eye Color.

My eyes are a very unusual mix.
They are green and turn blue farther out.
The other day someone said they looked like they are a mix of green, blue, and gray.
I really like my eyes.

If you're wondering about the eyeshadow here's the answer:
It decided I wanted to go through my mom's makeup since I was home and that's the only place I can wear it so it was Go Through My Mom's Makeup Day.
I think it looks quite pretty.
Well that's just another really random thing about me.


Alexandra said...

Pretty!!! my eyes are hazel =)

***Emily*** said...

My eyes are brown.... but your eyes remind me of my friend Landis's eyes.

In Christ,

Taylor said...

You have beautiful eyes, Tessa! ;)

Taylor said...

Wow, your eyes are almost exactly like mine! Weird. I'll have to post pictures of mine so you can see. LOL