Friday, February 19, 2010

My Favorite Audio Book Ever! (You have to listen to these!)

My favorite audio book is Hanks the Cowdog.
Wikapedia discribes is as this:

"Hank the Cowdog is a series of humorous children's mystery novels, written by John R. Erickson and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes. The series began in 1982 with a couple of short stories about the proud but bumbling Hank, the self-styled "Head of Ranch Security". Over 52 books have since been written featuring Hank, his timid sidekick Drover, his sworn enemy Pete the Barncat, and their adventures on the M-Cross ranch in the northern Texas Panhandle. Every book in the series has been recorded in an audio book format, making it the longest-running popular children's audio book series. The books all include songs sung by Hank and other characters; these songs are all performed on the tapes by Erickson. It has received various awards and acclaims, lauded by Publishers Weekly and USA Today."
We have been listening to Hank the Cowdog for years, in fact we memorized most of the lines. :)
It is one of the funniest, most original, amazing, (oh and did I mention funny?) things I've ever listened to.  It still amazes me that we haven't heard all of them since we've heard all the ones we have like a million and two times, no kidding!
I recommend looking for these hilarious audio books in your local library!
And just because it says kids doesn't mean it's not funny for adults. My mom still cracks up any time we listen to it! LOL


One of my all-time favorites!

This one's pretty good too.

Actually I haven't heard this one.

Or this one...

If you've listened to them you know what I mean, if not, you better check your local library!
You'll be hooked for sure! LOL

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