Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Ending of White Christmas...

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in our local play White Christmas. Well, Sunday was the last night and that made me really sad.  Here are some pictures from the closing show.

Dilyn my faithful partner in crime.

On the last two performances we ran out of snow to dump on the audience so we improvised---we made it ourselves.  Let's just say I never want to make snow again and that will never be my profession.  :D

Oxydol, For Purity!

Paige and her Oxydol box.

Tara giving Doug a hug.

Dilyn the princess (i think) and Ben goofing off during "Falling out of Love can be Fun."  I love their faces!  Don't even ask me what Bed is doing!

Tara apparently forgot that this chair fell back when you sit in it and went feet up and came down laughing!

Justin is my tap and Irish dance teacher and Tara is his wife.  They're the ones who got me into this amazing show!

Tara and Robbie having fun backstage!

Sharon and Dilyn posing for their closeups!

Sharon (Betty) and Tara (Judy) doing "Sisters."  This was one of my favorites!  Backstage Dilyn and I have our arms in the sleeves of their next outfit and are dancing away!

Justin (Phil) and Travis (Bob) on the train to what Bob thinks in Florida.

Tara and Justin singing about SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

I love this!

What in the world is Justin doing?  Checking her wig for lice?


Rita and Roda showing Phil their new "costumes for the show."
"We're bells!  Ding dong ding dong!

Tara and Justin singing in "I Love a Piano!  This is where I come in!

We all decided to get amputations...haha.

What's up with their faces?

Travis and Justin's version of "Sisters!"

Daddy and me at the end!

Don't go outside for a picture in bare feet---you can't feel them afterward!  haha!   This is still my favorite shot!

Giving Ben a hug!  We always were joking around!

 I think they were around Ezekiel a little too much.  Thanks you two!  You were great!

And that was my amazing White Christmas experience!  I had a great time getting to know you all!  Love <3


Olivia said...

I Loved the show!!!!!!! You did awesome.

The Golden Eagle said...

It looks like it was on heck of a show! :D