Wednesday, December 29, 2010


There is this house down the street from me that no one lives in.  I don't think anyone ever has since we've lived here but the grounds are still maintained.  I always thought that was weird.  I used to play in this house's backyard but I'm pretty sure that it was trespassing...oops!  I thought that it's entryway would make a great picture and I L-O-V-E how it turned out!  It reminds me of a commercial I saw or and advertisement.

Here it is in color.

I have very swiftly become addicted to B&W.  Can't you see why?

Hannah posing at the gate of a house down the street from us.

I really love this picture!

  Abby and Hannah at the end of a very cold yet glorious *wink* photoshoot.

haha!  Just joking Abby!  


Jodie Eileen ツ said...

Those pictures are so very beautiful! I wish I had a house like that down the street from me because your pictures turned out lovely :)

samarah said...

Gorgeous pictures :) love the ones by the vacant house!

with love,