Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow, snow, snow...

The day after Christmas we got a lot of snow!  A couple inches at least.  {Sadly, it's melting}  I took out my camera and went for a snow walk. 


On monday I had a game party at my house and invited a bunch of people from school!
Top:  Abby and Morgan playing Imagine If,  Luke and Nate playing Just Dance 2, Courtlyn and I deciding what our answer will be, more Just Dance 2,  Hope and Courtlyn.
Bottom:Ross, Jett, and Kelly hanging out, Kenzie and Ashley playing Just Dance 2, Abby, Just Dance 2 fun!

Luke and I looking at Nate while he told us something.  Probably about how good his juggling skills are.  I'm just kidding!

 Morgan, Hope, I---the bunnies.

The three stooges Luke, Swanny, and Josh.

Group picture!  
Top row: Swanny, Luke, Josh
Bottom Row: Morgan, Courtlyn,  Tessa, Hope, Abby.

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The Golden Eagle said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the snow!

It looks like you all had a great time!