Saturday, November 20, 2010

November is flying by!

Since the last time I posted (more forever ago than forever) A LOT of fun stuff has happen like Camp Your Face Off, Spirit Week, and basketball started!  Well, from this picture, you can tell I didn't get any less weird.  :)  Come on, it was tacky day!  Give me a break!

Okay, I'm going to start with my favorite:  CAMP YOUR FACE OFF!  If you're thinking along the lines of she's crazy or she needs to get out of the sun, don't worry.  It wasn't my idea anyway.  My youth group spent a weekend in the "wild."  By wild I mean the church's lake property.  Only two words describe this retreat: cold and epiliptical.  Now for those people who don't know me personally, you probably don't know what epiliptical means.  It simply is every word that describes something more than awesome/you love rolled into one.  We played capture the flag in the dark and froze while we had tons of laughs together.  The speaker, Jay, and the music guy, Forrest, were awesome!  <3  The picture below is my amazing kickball team, The PINK UNICORNS!  Do not ask me why that was our name.  I have NO idea.

And this was our cheer squad.  They cheered for us because we are awesome and they didn't want Rob's team to win!  I mean come on!  Who wants Rob to win?  Just kidding.  His team won anyway.  :P

All of us Pink Unicorns in our losing picture.  
Front row:  Cody and Spencer
Middle Row: Jamima, Tessa, Katy, can't remember her name, and Josh.
Back Row: Luke, Alex, Daniel, Logan (I think), and Michael a.k.a. awesome hat dude.

Kick, Michael, kick!

Then it was SPIRIT WEEK!  I got to take pictures of our basketball teams.  You all are awesome!

Hope and Morgan crack me up!  You are strong girls!

Hillbilly Day was really fun!  Hopery, my bestie, making a weird face at me before art!

I don't know what I was shooting for in this picture.  Gangsta?  I don't think it worked.  LOL

Candice, Danielle, Karlie, and Morgan wanted a picture; and Mr. Lawson and Luke decided they'd just jump on in! 

I don't think this is a good message to be sending.  I guess this is what we do in our spare time: we strangle friends and teachers!

Then it was TACKY DAY!  My absolute favorite.  It even beat Disney Day (that was weird! I was so mad because I left the camera on the table at home!)
Back row: Mr. Lawson, Andrew, Isaiah, Josh,  and Andrew.
Middle row: Karlie, Hope, and Courtlyn.
First row: ME!

And my little cutey nephew Jet-ster!  Doesn't he look smart?

I have no idea what Isaiah was trying to be right then.

Basketball started and since I'm one of the biggest loudmouths going, I am the cheerer.  I like my job!  Ross looks so focused!  Go Ross!

The older boys stretching.  I love how Ross is leaning on Luke instead of balancing!

Running to meet and beat!  We won by  a lot!

It's been extremely busy around here since I'm going to be in Encore's White Christmas!  I don't have an acting part, but I do two dances.  Justin, my tap and Irish teacher, asked if I wanted to do it and since I was the only one who wasn't in Nutcracker, I said yes.  If you have been in a show before, you know how much work it is and how late you have to stay, so I am extremely sorry about not posting in so long!  Our opening night is the day after Thanksgiving and it goes on for two weekends after that!  I'm so excited!  I love my cast photo!


Denise said...

That was a great catch-up post, Tessa. It made your life look even more fun than it is. :) Love ya!

Olivia said...

I'm hoping to come see white christmas!!!!! and i like all your funny pics. LOL

Danielle and Olivia said...

Hello from your ditchery doos: Danielle and Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!