Wednesday, December 23, 2009


1. say something random. "I DO NOT LIKE SCIENCE PROJECTS!"
2. yell something random, out loud. "IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!"
3. do you play an instrument?  No but I've played the piano, harp, and a music maker at one point or another.
4. what's your full name? Tessa Brooke -----------
5. what do you think of blogger?  I LOVE IT!
6. what do you think of this tag? FUN!
7. what's your opinion on Christian rock bands? Just so long as they are Christian and I like their music I'm fine with them.
8. if you answered yes on #3 have you ever messed up while playing in front of people? Yes...
9. what's something that you've always wanted to do but haven't? Hmm...either get my own horse (not a model horse! i have plenty of those!) or go to England/Italy.
10. how many bloggers do you know in real life? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7....I really don't know.
11. have you ever played bloody knuckles? I don't think so...It sounds violent...LOL
12. have you ever caught a sockeye Salmon? Not that I know of...
13. have you ever played funky angel? What kind of question is that?
14. tell us about your worst accident? Um...oh ya...When I was littler i went to bring in the horses with the owner of the barn we boarded at, we took the 4wealer, and when we got the horses he couldn't drive because he was holding the horse so I had to drive. Well I never had driven one of these before so when he told me to push down on the gas handel I held it all the way down and I went like twenty feat and hit a fence pole. Good thing I hit the pole or else...ya...
15. rant about what ever you've been holding in? I love my MP3 player and IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!
16. do you like caroling? Never done it.
17 .where do you live? Tennessee!!!!!!!
18. do you like it where you live? YES!
19. what was your most recent adventure? I can't remember...
20. Luke or Venator?  I could really care ales...they all are cool I guess...except the bad guys...oh and...never mind!
21 .do you like the Obama administration? NO
22. dance par-tee or music brawl?  could we put them together?
23 .what Number is this? 23...trick question?
24. what is two + 2? it 5 no 3 oh no I got it! 4?
25. Books or movies? depends on what book or movie it is.
27. what would you do to see wild horses? I'm not sure but I would LOVE to see them because when we went to Assatugue to see them we walked down a misquito infested path and when we got to the end NO HORSES!!!!!
28. what is the best joke you can think of right now? You don't want to hear my jokes...they ARE NOT GOOD!
30. do you know what a Granny beaded neck is? Nope.
31. PC or laptop? Laptop DEFINATELY!
32. Click 5 or Switchfoot? Switchfoot because I've never even heard of Click 5.
33. how many siblings do you have? 3, but two of my friends and i act lake sisters...
34. do you have a favorite game? Video game? Sonic mini games! SO FUN!
35. name the rockiest Christian band you know. TobyMac
36. What does J.O.Y. stand for? Jesus, Others, You.
37. Are you a member of J.O.Y? Maybe?
38. have you ever fell a tree with a chainsaw? No if i did we might not have a house any more. LOL
39. favorite song?At the moment it is either Love Story by Taylor Swift or Hol My Heart by Tenth Avenue North...there's a lot more though!
40. insert funny/random picture here:
Just edited and Wo La....MERRY CHRISTMAS

I tag anyone who loves tags as mush as I do!


Cassie said...

Fun tag and I enjoyed reading it... Merry Christmas!

Blessings of Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

It won't upload?
Let me think...
did you save it as either a png or a jpg file?
To do that, just name it. For example, "Example.jpg" or "Example.png" and save it, then try and upload it.
If it's taking a long time, it could be because the file is too big (REALLY big pictures dont' upload well.)