Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Week!

Hey everyone! It's been a long week so sorry about not posting! I had a lot of fun last week and weekend!
Well as you can see my niece Kenzie is the star of this photo. She lost her first tooth and is really proud of it!

Here I am with Mrs. Bray at our tacky sweater party at my Church.

Here i am with my mates at a Birthday party.
Sadly I couldn't stay the night but we freaked one of my friends out cause she lived on the same block and we were singing outside her house and we never thought of yelling out who it was.

Here is the fountain at the Barter Theater in Virginia.
We went to go she Frosty.

Then we went to this little soda shop and ate.
I just thought this would make a cool picture so I took it!

All my Tennessean friends better know where I was.
The first one to guess where this was taken will get an award made by me!
Let the guessing begin!

On Sunday we made ornaments to give to the people at the nursing home.
We sung Christmas Carols and this one black lady asked for Silent Night and as we were singing one verse she was singing another. It was a really good mission project!


Taylor said...

It sounds like you had a nice week and weekend! Those were some good pictures you took. :)

God bless,

Taylor said...

Looks like fun! (this is the other Taylor by the way.)

Tessa said...

I know that!

My dreams are here said...

Hey tessa i think you were somewhere in piegon forge or Gatlinburg cant remember where or what the place is called or Knoxville so tell me if im right(sorry i dont know the name of the place but ive been their before)!!

In Christ name,

madeleine sellars said...

i love the picture of Mrs. Bray and the one of Coach is so funny!!!!! u r so right about Coach, he is VERY strange!!!!